Chat Noir - Miraculous Ladybug - Sneebster Cosplay

Sneebster Cosplay - Chat Noir - Miraculous Ladybug

Chat Noir - Miraculous Ladybug

 Date created:    9th of December 2015            
 Time spent: 2 Hour
 Cost to create: 25 GBP
 Difficulty: Very Easy
Why i chose this cosplay?

I chose to cosplay Chat Noir after watching Miraculous Ladybug, I love his costumed personality and how he changes when hes in costume. This is like cosplay because, when your in costume you become the character and automatically become confident and feel amazing. Id imagine chat noir to be a very handsome popular male in real life, confident males are my favourite crossplays to do. The more feminine males are much easier to re-create than manly looking men.


How i made this cosplay?

I pieced this costume together out of things i already had from previous cosplays, such as my catwoman mask, black cat gloves and Naruto wig. The catsuit was specifically for this cosplay. I also got hold of a cheap foam muscle chest to help with a males bodyshape, it worked amazingly! I think this is just a fun quick do-able cosplay for anyone to have fun with.