Fem Ash - Evil Dead - Sneebster Cosplay

Sneebster Cosplay - Fem Ash - Evil Dead

Fem Ash - Evil Dead

 Date created:    20th of July 2013            
 Time spent: 4 Hours
 Cost to create: 20 GBP
 Difficulty: Moderate
Why i chose this cosplay?

Evil Dead to me was the movie you're not supposed to steal off your parents shelf and watch. As a terrified yet intrigued 9 year old i watched all the movies. Ash is a badass who beat the monsters! how could i not like his character. I still love Evil dead now and i'm very happy they decided to continue the set with a movie and tv series.


How i made this cosplay?

I ragged and blooded up some clothing to suit Ash's S-MART blue shirt uniform with acrylic paint. Added a customized chainsaw to my hand and i was ready. Cosplaying live action horror characters is always much easier. The Necronomicon book i used as a prop is actually my special edition dvd case.