Kukulkan - Smite - Sneebster Cosplay

Sneebster Cosplay - Kukulkan - Smite

Kukulkan - Smite

 Date created:    14th July 2015             
 Time spent: 30 Hours
 Cost to create: 70 GBP
 Difficulty: Hard
Why i chose this cosplay?

Kukulkan is one of the main gods i play on smite. I thought his design would be really interesting to re-create in human form.


How i made this cosplay?

The armor and headdress i made from eva foam. This was my first go at building a headdress as complicated as this. The prosthetic i also hand made by building off of my own facecast and finalizing in liquid latex and tissue. Overall this cosplay was 100% handmade from raw materials.