Tidus - Final Fantasy 10 - Sneebster Cosplay

Sneebster Cosplay - Tidus - Final Fantasy 10

Tidus - Final Fantasy 10

 Date created:    8h of February 2015            
 Time spent: 48 Hours
 Cost to create: 51 GBP
 Difficulty: Hard
Why i chose this cosplay?

This cosplay was originally for Robo Cosplay to wear alongside my Rikku FFX2 cosplay to a covention. It was fun creating this to fit him and learning new airbrush painting skills in the creation of the sword.


How i made this cosplay?

The costume and sword were completely handmade by myself. The sword is paper mache finished with airbrushed acrylic paint. The jacket and cropped under jacket were both made from sheet material. The trousers with drastically modified plain black trousers. The boots are walking boots that i painted up with yellow acrylic. The arm armor were made from EVA foam and anti-slip mats.