Chii - Chobits - Sneebster Cosplay

Sneebster Cosplay - Chii - Chobits

Chii - Chobits

 Date created:    2nd July 2011            
 Time spent: 4 Hours
 Cost to create: 5 GBP
 Difficulty: Easy
Why i chose this cosplay?

Chobits was one of the first anime series i really got into. Chii is such an adorable character. She isn't the usual image i go for when cosplaying so i thought it would be an awesome challenge to try it out.


How i made this cosplay?

This was one of my first cosplays i did. I literally hunted around my house to make this. The dress skirt i made from a bed sheet which i ruffled and sewed together. The ears were paper! The budget for this cosplay was virtually nothing (which is always awesome). But i do plan to re-visit Chii as i believe now i have learnt new skills i can better this. And ofcourse with a wig!