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Fabricating costumes and props in the name of fandom! Sneebster is a British cosplayer with a passion for bringing favourite 2D characters to life.
Cosplay crafting news

Find updates on new cosplay projects under the new "news" tab.


All photos and information from old or upcoming conventions is found under the "conventions" tab.

Print store news

The print store is currently down for maintanence and awaiting restocking.

Website News

New tutorial tab added, check it out to learn more.

Past cosplay projects

Check out some of my greatest cosplays!

News and current projects

The clear out

I am currently in the midst of a big cosplay clear out. This is to make way for perfectiing my favourite cosplays and to make space for new projects. If you are interested in buying any of my cosplays i post up for sale, feel free to contact me on Facebook. These will only be shipped within the UK.

SMITE: Cosplay cosplay cosplay and streams!

Upcoming Smite cosplay projects: Neith, Loki (slither), Aphrodite (old skin), Freya (old skin), Athena, Anubis, Poseidon. Hoping to bring Smite streams to Twitch!


I am currently on a small break with Twitch but will be back soon in full force.

Props section updated

Added many new props i have made to the Gallery tab, check them out.

Resin, poly clay and fibreglass?!

I have recently got my hands on lots of new resorces to test out. Follow my facebook for the results!